“It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than it is to earn it in the first place.”

- Andrew Carnegie                                    

What We Do

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Kim Rozzi and Frank Abdale partner with financial advisors, attorneys and high net worth individuals to transform charitable aspirations into secure, sustainable high-impact philanthropic investments through the use of Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts and Family Foundations. We offer a wide range of highly personal and customized services that help you through all phases of giving:


• Partner with your financial and legal advisors
• Design an individual Client Profile using Rozzi/Abdale Diagnostic tool©
• Identify a philanthropic focus that reflects your values and interests
• Identify potential grantees
• Create summary of findings that includes an organization’s compliance with IRS and state regulations, financial health, sustainability and programmatic impact
Identification and Implementation

• Design a Request for Proposal (RFP) and RFP review process that is thorough and user-friendly
• Stay current with trends and changes in the field you choose to support
• Stay abreast of evolving compliance issues that affect nonprofits and family foundations
• Address family-related challenges in your philanthropic giving
• Provide guidance to the next generation of family philanthropists
• Conduct research and provide reports on challenges and opportunities in your chosen field of philanthropic giving
• Help establish a family foundation – IRS registration, policies and procedures, board of directors, etc.
Management and Monitoring

• Conduct annual review of continued IRS compliance among grantees
• Provide foundation management and administrative support
• Suggest new initiatives in line with your foundation’s mission and values
• Connect you with other foundations and philanthropic individuals
• Help develop a graphic identity and communications strategy
• Track and administer grants
• Produce annual review of organization’s financial and other highlights